ABA Agency

Science Based Treatment for Autism

The scientifically-proven ABA approach first studies a child’s interactions and responses within his or her environment and bases treatment on it. Through targeted training and instruction, the child learns cognitive, social, language and basic everyday skills that forward potential for joyful living.

  • Enhanced Language & Communication
  • Improved Focus & Memory
  • Better Behavioral Management
  • Boosted Academic Performance
  • Upgraded Social Interaction
  • Increased Independence

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And Numbers

Children On The Spectrum
Significant Therapy Improvement
of Children
Customer Satisfaction
2-3 Years

Personalized & Interactive

We take charge by prioritizing personalized interaction. We assess your child, then create an individualized treatment plan and therapy schedule. Finally, we facilitate exciting sessions with the most suited therapist. Your child thrives in an empowering environment. New skills are acquired, short and long-term goals are reached and an all-important sense of self-worth surges.

Therapy for individuals ages 2-14, at your location preference - either home or school.